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Dilley Yearbooks Stock Cover Designs



Filmstrip Shots
This is a special personalized cover offered by Dilley Books! Your school provides 12 random shots from the past school year to create a cover unique to your school!


Aqua Fragments
Brilliant shades of blue fragments augment around to create this unique and versatile fun cover with a bright contrast of magenta type.


Up, Up, & Away
Everyone enjoys the beauty of hot air balloons as they silently float across the sky. This beautiful yearbook cover captures the thrill of a hot air balloon ride.

Blocks cover

Blending Blocks
This eye-appealing cover showcases a palette of brilliant colors and contrasting blocks with A B C, 1 2 3 and icons of school supplies.


This cover explodes in a celebration of all the vibrant colors of a booming fireworks display.


Christian schools will appreciate this cover's message of following in the Master's footsteps with a verse from the apostle Peter's first epistle.


Ice Breakers
This cover crackles with life in striking contrasts of orange and blues.


Recalling the days of grade school from the playground to the school bus, the Pledge of Allegiance and school supplies, this cover is perfect for grade school annuals.

Nine Panels

9 Panel Pops
Highlighting eight aspects of extra-curricular opportunities, this colorful 9 panel cover recalls various activities students were involved in throughout the school year.


American Pride
In these historic times of our nation, schools can show their patriotism with this cover displaying treasured symbols of this great nation of ours!


Spectrum Discs
The colors are spinning out of control on this fun cover displaying a rainbow of colorful disks in layers spiraling around from the front cover to the back.

Schoolhouse Brickwall

Schoolhouse Wall
Nothing brings to mind days spent learning the three "R's" like the look of the red brick schoolhouse. This cover does just that with the school name prominently displayed.


Out of this World
Gazing past the blue sky of our world into the far reaches of space, this cover contemplates the endless opportunities awaiting students as they look towards their future.


Rainbow Spiro
In a spectrum splash of color, this cover is reminiscent of the fun designs we all created as kids with our Spirographs now showing up on a cool yearbook cover!


You can get dizzy watching the colors whirl around on this yearbook cover! Our "Swirls" cover has a special nameplate area where the brilliant colors are muted for easy readability.


Tiger Tails
Your yearbook can roar to life with the fur of a tiger. This cover is popular with schools that have a tiger mascot.


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