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Design Online FAQ's

What is YBpublish?

YBpublish is the patented online software product that has been specifically designed to make it easy to create the most memorable yearbooks ever!

How will our yearbook agreement be serviced?

Your school will be assigned a service representative and a graphic design specialist available by telephone and e-mail who will answer questions throughout the year related to page layouts, file preparation, proofing and the shipping schedule. Dilley Books provides telephone customer service from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Central Time. Schools will be provided four hours of telephone help desk time as part of the yearbook service package. Additional hourly service increments are available at the rate of $80 per hour.

What is required to run YBpublish?

Windows XP or Vista
Internet (Cable, DSL or similar)
Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
Recommended processor speed: 1.6GHz
Recommended System Bus: 533MHz
Recommended Cache Memory: 512KB
Recommended System Memory (RAM): 1GB

How many computers can use YBpublish?

There is no limit to the number of computers where students use YBpublish.

How many accounts (i.e. people) can use YBpublish?

There is no limit to the number of accounts that students can create and use with YBpublish.

How much central server photo storage can is provided with YBpublish?

There is no limit to the central server storage that students use with YBpublish.


Does YBpublish allow you to work with any school photography company?

Yes. YBpublish supports the standard PSPA school photography CD provided by all school photography companies.

Does YBpublish provide clipart?

Yes. YBpublish provides great yearbook clipart.

Does YBpublish provide professionally designed layouts?

Yes. YBpublish provides fantastic page and cover designs.

Does YBpublish provide fonts?

Yes. YBpublish provides a wide variety of high quality fonts.

Does YBpublish provide instant proofs?

Yes.  YBpulbish can instantly create a PDF proof of any page or the cover.

Does YBpublish provide instant submission?

Yes. YBpublish can submit all of the yearbook pages or the cover for proofing with the press of a single button.

How are copy deadlines scheduled in order to guarantee a spring or fall delivery date?

One of the ways Dilley Books provides competitive pricing is by requiring all of the page files to be submitted upon completion of the entire book instead of scheduling proof deadlines throughout the year.

It is recommended that schools prepare their own complete color proof of the book on-site for final editing purposes prior to saving and submitting the PDF files via YBpublish.

How soon will schools see proofs?

The time required for Dilley Books to prepare color proofs from submitted files will be approximately 4 working days after receipt. Color page proofs will be sent via UPS 2nd Day Air. Page proofs will be printed in color on the same digital printing equipment and paper stock used to print the yearbook.

How are page corrections handled?

Copy corrections are the responsibility of the school. You will receive another full color proof of the complete book. Additional proofs are $135.00.

What is the yearbook cover deadline?

Full color cover design should be submitted by February 1st. This date applies to both stock and custom yearbook cover designs. A preliminary proof can be generated approximately five working days after receipt of the school's design by Dilley Books. A final full color proof on the same digital printing equipment and paper stock used to print the yearbook cover will be sent with your page proofs.

Does Dilley Books provide an extra features price list?

No. All price options such as the cost for additional pages and full color supplements will be quoted and confirmed in writing via fax or e-mail by the customer service department.

When will schools receive their yearbooks?

The Yearbooks will ship within four weeks of receipt of the school's signed approval of the page and cover proofs.

What's the difference between digital color printing and the way yearbook color printing is normally produced?

Digital printing is produced using a high speed digital color press that images the plates electronically from files submitted on disk. This reduces the set-up time to produce the printed pages and provides a lower cost to produce the yearbook in color.

Will the proofs show how the pages will appear in the completed yearbook?

Yes. The color proofs received will be printed on the actual paper used to produce the yearbook. The proofs will correctly reflect the color that will be printed when the book is published.

Are printed endsheets available?

Not at this time. White endsheets are standard.

Is it possible for schools to see a yearbook sample produced by Dilley Books?

Schools that have requested a quotation are eligible to receive yearbook samples upon request.

When do schools need to confirm their book quantity?

The quantity of yearbook to be ordered and the final page count need to be provided in writing prior to returning the final page proofs. If these numbers are different than the original contract, a revised cost will be provided by Dilley Books before printing begins.

Does Dilley Books provide stock yearbook cover designs?

Yes, these are available for viewing on the Dilley website under the Stock Cover Designs section.

Are embossed, screen printed or foil stamped yearbook covers available?

Yes. Quality 10 pt. leather grained book cover material is available in a wide range of colors. Silver and gold foil colors are standard with many options for screen print ink colors. Dilley Books will use thread-based book cloth for single and multi-level embossed covers. We can also provide several graining options for yearbook covers.

Is there a difference in cost if a school chooses to design their own process color yearbook cover?

No. The cost for a school submitted process color design versus using a stock cover artwork is the same. The custom cover design will need to be submitted as a PDF on a CD. Dilley Books will provide schools with a design template for preparing the yearbook cover artwork.

Can schools use a local printer and send their pages to Dilley Books to be hardcover bound?

Yes. Please contact Dilley Books for pricing.

What are the payment deadlines?

The first deposit of 20% is invoiced November 1st
The second 20% deposit is invoiced March 1st
Final balance and freight costs to be billed upon shipment of the yearbooks

What types of kit materials are provided by Dilley Books?

The kit includes cover and page preparation guideline instructions, a suggested yearbook advertising contract, large format ladder diagrams to aid in page sequencing, and several yearbooks sales campaign posters.

How did Dilley Books begin as a yearbook manufacturer?

Dilley Books, a division of Dilley Manufacturing Company, was founded in 1950 as a book cover manufacturer, serving printers throughout the United States and Canada. During the 1950’s, yearbooks were often printed by local or regional publishers. These publishers would contract directly with Dilley Manufacturing to produce the hardbound covers used for binding their printed yearbook pages.

By the early 1960’s, major yearbook companies had emerged and the market changed completely. Local and regional printers exited the market due to competition from several national yearbook companies. Dilley Manufacturing chose to remain in the yearbook industry, creating a division known as US Yearbook Company. US Yearbook was widely known for manufacturing top quality yearbooks, primarily for customers in the Midwest.

US Yearbook was sold in 1986, but Dilley Manufacturing retained the rights to it’s hardcover book manufacturing business. Dilley Manufacturing continued to serve other independent yearbook companies during this time, including the production of looseleaf binders and presentation kit packaging.

With the major improvements available in digital printing technology, it became possible to print yearbook pages in color for approximately the same price as black and white. Dilley Manufacturing Company decided the time had come to use it’s five decades of experience to launch Dilley Books, providing an economically priced full color yearbook to small and medium sized schools.

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